Robin. Columbia SC.

“I have suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. When my knee pain started last year, I was afraid I was going to have a long road ahead with the inflammation and pain. Thankfully, SC Stem Cell was able to save my knee. The knee deterioration was in the early stages. I have no doubt I would be in a terrible position at this point had I not invested in this therapy. It’s been a year since my injection and I am amazed. I am totally pain free and am confident in the fact that my knee is restored. I plan to do the other knee soon. I can’t believe my results.” - Robin


Mitch. Eastover SC

“My spinal and nerve pain was causing constant discomfort in the neck and low back. After my stem cell treatment I was 90% better in less than two months. The results have truly been spectacular.” - Mitch


Mary ellen. Columbia SC

“After two hip replacements and a lumbar fusion, I was so excited to have the opportunity to use SC Stem Cell Treatments for my knees. I had steroid injections for years and they had stopped working for me. I did not want to go through any more surgery. I had the left knee done first, which was almost bone on bone. I haven’t had a steroid injection since and it’s been over a year. I was so thrilled with the first injection, a few months later I had the right knee injected as well, and that knee was bone on bone. Needless to say I’m still steroid injection free! I’m thrilled.” - Mary 


Ted. Camden SC.

“I was having shoulder pain and issues from having a torn rotator cuff. I was not able to move or use my arm and shoulder like I used too and was not able to hunt with my bow anymore because I couldn’t pull it back any more. After only 6 weeks since my stem cell therapy treatment I was able to pull my bow back again and my shoulder pain is almost completely gone. I’m just thrilled I didn’t have to have surgery.” - Ted.  


donna. Columbia SC.

I have terrible arthritis. I have had both my knees replaced and was losing space in the joint of my thumb along with the tendons of my thumb wearing down. I was tired of surgery so I looked to Stem Cell Therapy. I decided to treat my thumb and my COPD as well so I ended up doing an IV along with a thumb joint treatment. In less than a month after my treatment I was able to take off my thumb brace and work out with almost no pain. I have more energy and was able to do more in the gym each day. I am definitely breathing better and able to do more! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results already!” - Donna.  


Pat. Columbia SC.

“I Played college football. I’ve had horrible tendinitis in my elbow and damage in my ankle from multiple sprains. My ankle was so bad my orthopedist told me I wouldn’t run again. Only a few weeks after stem cell therapy I could jog without pain and now can run, jump, and throw the football with my son pain free. It has been a miracle for me.” - Pat.


Stacey. Columbia SC.

“I tore a muscle in my leg in high school. I have been dealing with it ever since. It got worse after having my children and then I re-injured it again! I decided to do stem cell therapy after consulting with SC Stem Cell. In less than 4 weeks it feels like I never even tore the muscle! I wish i did this so long ago!” - Stacey.