This Doctor is 6 weeks out of her spinal and shoulder treatment with regenerative therapy #stemcelltherapy and is almost pain free! She has gone from constant aching and stabbing back pain, SI joint pain, and shoulder pain to now attending karate class with her children because of how good she is feeling!


Destiny, Columbia S.C

"Low back pain and SI joint pain for YEARS that was sometimes delibitating she couldn't move, only after a couple of weeks after treatment she was able to bike, sleep, swim and care for her family without pain. Avoiding surgery, and getting back to health. So glad we get to see these amazing cases develop to help push regenerative medicine!"


Mrs. Marie H Columbia S.C.

Went from a wheelchair to walking in only after a few months!!! Was a candidate for total hip replacement and needing a wheelchair to get around to now moving around easily with a cane! Such exciting and wonderful results.


AC joint problems

"Rotator cuff: no problem. Labrum; no problem. Now we're going to see what we can do about the AC joint. After doing stem cell therapy on this docs shoulder last year he was back to golfing and shooting in the 70's. Now we're going to see if this new AC joint problem is something we can rehab out!"


Sarah D. Doctor of Chiropractic. Savanah GA.

“I sustained a severe injury to my thumb joint that resulted in complete and partial tears to all of the ligaments surrounding it. The only option given to me by my doctor was surgery, which could have ended my career as a chiropractor. Luckily I was referred to Dr. Faller at SC Stem Cell by a colleague who knew the benefits of restorative medicine. The treatment I received resulted in total healing and resolution of my pain. In addition, I have 100 percent function restored to my thumb joint. I can’t recommend this procedure and clinic enough.


Cat Z. Irmo S.C

"Over 7 months later, not needing a knee surgery, decreased pain, increased function, and taking care of herself. This is what #regenerativemedicine is about. Regenerating your body and your life naturally."


Theresa Z. Columbia SC.

"70 years old, went from full bone on bone with spurs a year ago to NOW NOT! No longer bone on bone, increased joint space, decreased as well as eliminated spurs! Awesome results with the power of regenerative medicine!"


Chris P. Columbia S.C.

"Three years of constant back pain to ZERO pain. Compression, degeneration and inflammation all resolved in one treatment. The amazing results of regenerative medicine!"


Roslyn C. Columbia S.C.

"Another successful #regenerativemedicine knee treatment. Increased function, decreased pain and swelling but most importantly went from feeling like “I’m going to need a knee replacement” to feeling like “oh I feel fine” in just a few months."


David T. Forest Acres SC

“My knee (MCL and meniscus) is back to 100% in less then a month. This stuff is a miracle.”



“Shoulder pain GONE! Another successful #stemcelltherapy treatment for shoulder pain and decreased range of motion. No surgery and back to work without pain or problem! Happy to help this local Columbia SC resident get back to living! Thank you Mr. Yandle for trusting us to fix you!”



This USC professor went from 9/10 sharp knee and forced to use a cane in January, and is now pain free and RUNNING this March. Never having to undergo surgery. Regenerative medicine is the future.



After having blood work last September that suggests I have RA, and having to wait 6 months for an appointment with a rheumatologist, I felt I had to take my health into my own hands. Thank goodness I did. After having stem cell therapy in December, I can say I am 80% better and continuing to get better!! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Faller and his staff!!


“Absolutely fantastic results. The staff is incredibly kind and the results are mind blowing. I literally nearly had lost 50% of my ability to stand up straight and use my hip in relationship to my job. It was so difficult, i had a hard time picking up my daughter at times. I did my research and went in for a consultation. These guys have greatly involved the quality of my life! I am now nearly back to 100% after 8 months. Im actually not used to not being in pain, as I had been for years. Life saving to say the least!”



DRAMATICALLY increased healing rate and energy after stem cell therapy ! Life changing for this 35 year type 1 diabetic veteran!



From constant shoulder pain to no shoulder pain!





Avoided BOTH knee surgeries/replacements only after a few weeks of treatment! Was walking around New York City pain free just a few weeks after and happy as can be! Came back to fix a different joint in my hand!




I had severe hip pain with arthritis, and did not want to go through surgery, and in only 3 weeks after stem cell therapy I am already feeling 90% better! I can get up and move and go up and down stairs and stand without a problem! I am so thankful and so relieved!



SC Stem Cell healed my rotator cuff with Stem Cell Therapy. I can now go back to woodworking and welding without shoulder pain. Coming back to see if they can fix my other labrum soon!




I played college football. I’ve had horrible tendinitis in my elbow and damage in my ankle from multiple sprains. My ankle was so bad my orthopedist told me I wouldn’t run again. Only a few weeks after stem cell therapy I could jog without pain and now can run, jump, and throw the football with my son pain free. It has been a miracle for me.




Both knees confirmed tissue growth! “I stopped taking medication when before stem cells I was taking it daily. Quit using my walker to the point I lost it, and am thrilled to actually physically see the results not just feel them!




We were thrilled to help this local hero get back on his feet and back to using his knees again without surgery.



Doing all we can to help improve our patients lives. We truly care about them. Honesty and compassion is our policy first.



My 87 year old mother was having terrible knee pain that was not operable due to age, and it was limiting her ability to move. I myself was having severe arthritis in my thumb and starting to have it in the knee as well. After stem cell therapy for her knee, my knee, and my thumb, my mother is now walking around freely without a cane and without pain. I am now able to work with my hands and on my feet all day now again without having to stop from thumb or knee pain. This has been a blessing.





I have suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. When my knee pain started last year, I was afraid I was going to have a long road ahead with the inflammation and pain. Thankfully, SC Stem Cell was able to save my knee. The knee deterioration was in the early stages. I have no doubt I would be in a terrible position at this point had I not invested in this therapy. It’s been a year since my injection and I am amazed. I am totally pain free and am confident in the fact that my knee is restored. I plan to do the other knee soon. I can’t believe my results.



My spinal and nerve pain was causing constant discomfort in the neck and low back. After my stem cell treatment I was 90% better in less than two months. The results have truly been spectacular.




After two hip replacements and a lumbar fusion, I was so excited to have the opportunity to use SC Stem Cell Treatments for my knees. I had steroid injections for years and they had stopped working for me. I did not want to go through any more surgery. I had the left knee done first, which was almost bone on bone. I haven’t had a steroid injection since and it’s been over a year. I was so thrilled with the first injection, a few months later I had the right knee injected as well, and that knee was bone on bone. Needless to say I’m still steroid injection free! I’m thrilled.




I was having shoulder pain and issues from having a torn rotator cuff. I was not able to move or use my arm and shoulder like I used too and was not able to hunt with my bow anymore because I couldn’t pull it back any more. After only 6 weeks since my stem cell therapy treatment I was able to pull my bow back again and my shoulder pain is almost completely gone. I’m just thrilled I didn’t have to have surgery.




I have terrible arthritis. I have had both my knees replaced and was losing space in the joint of my thumb along with the tendons of my thumb wearing down. I was tired of surgery so I l

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