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Why Choose SC STEM CELL for your health?

Our doctors and our staff truly care. We personally care. All of our SC Stem Cell staff have had personal experiences with stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine as well as our families. We consult with, listen to, and go above and beyond for our patients. We want you to heal and get back to living life fully and happily. We promise to always be honest, and let you know first if we can or cannot dramatically improve your life.

SC Stem Cell is a regenerative medicine and wellness provider for the Carolina's, using the latest therapies in regenerative medicine to heal damaged and degenerated tissue while avoiding invasive surgery and medications with large side affects. Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicines work by attaching to damaged and degenerated tissue, then healing that tissue creating new healthy joints, tendons, etc. That way patients can naturally heal and fix the problem.

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There are hundreds of conditions stem cell therapy has been used on and hundreds of thousands of patients who have happily received stem cell therapy. We at SC Stem cell know that stem cell therapy is the future along with all regenerative medicine in general. Actually healing conditions and injuries quickly and naturally as minimally invasive as possible. We will always do our best to further the future of regenerative medicine to better help the lives of our patients and the future of our community.

The Results Speak for Themselves

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Meet Our Staff

Dr. D. Faller D.C.

After many injuries and beating himself up over the years with professional wake boarding. Dr. D. knew he wanted to work as a physician since he became so familiar with the doctors office. He chose chiropractic for their outlook on health, preventative care, and wellness care. Knowing the physiological structure and function of the human anatomy and the joint's specifically lead him to Chiropractic. After working with arthritis and degeneration so much as well as dealing with his own knee problems from surgeries and degeneration, he discovered Stem Cell Therapy. His personal results were so profound that he decided to dedicate his life to bringing Stem cell Therapy to the world.


Sherman College of Chiropractic

Chiropractic Doctor, 2015

Clemson University

B.A., Chemistry, 2011

Activities & Affiliations

• Professional Wakeboarder For Hyperlite and Mastercraft

• Board Certified in Physiotherapy

• Sports, Pediatric, Maternity certified.

Licensing State

• South Carolina

Dr. Matthew Furman D.O.

A physician who truly cares about his patients. Dr. Furman knows the importance joint health, bony alignment, and functional health. He has been working on pain management for years making sure his patients get the best quality care he can provide. We are ecstatic to have a physician who truly cares about his patients on board.


Kansas City University of Osteopathic Medicine & Biosciences

Doctor of Osteopathy, 1999

Colorado State University

B.A., Sociology, 1992

Activities & Affiliations

• Resident, Department of Anesthesiology. University of Texas Health Science Center

•Intern, Department of Medical Education. Freeman Hospital, Joplin Missouri

Licensing State

• South Carolina, Colorado

Dr. K. Prime D.C.

Dr. Kevin Prime has played sports all of his life and knows how important it is to maintain health through exercise and nutrition.. His expertise in sports-related and trauma-induced injuries and knowledge of the latest chiropractic techniques, paired with his interest in exercise and nutrition will help patients address a range of injuries and issues.


Sherman College of Chiropractic

Chiropractic Doctor, 2014

Gardner-Webb University

B.A., Biology, 2010

Activities & Affiliations

• Board Certified in Physiotherapy

Licensing State

• South Carolina

How Stem Cell Therapy Changed Mel Gibson's Life

Our Locations

Columbia, SC

5101 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC 29206

Florence, SC

1627C S Irby Street

Florence, SC 29505


12 Groce Road

Lyman, SC 29365