1. In less than 4 weeks it feels like I never even tore the muscle!

    2. Stacey Columbia Verified Patient

    1. DRAMATICALLY increased healing rate and energy after stem cell therapy!

    2. Lauren Irmo Verified Patient

    1. We were thrilled to help this local hero get back on his feet

    2. Rob C. Verified Patient


About Us

SC Stem Cell provides innovative regenerative medicine therapies and nonsurgical treatments for pain to patients throughout Columbia, South Carolina. With a passion for safe, effective pain care, SC Stem Cell can treat damaged tissues, injuries, arthritis, and slow-healing wounds with a variety of minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatments. We use a Doctor of Anesthesiology whose licenses and experience cover far more direct precise procedures. With an actual treating physician's license, we can cover hips, spines, discs, etc.

As a practice focusing on regenerative medicine and nonsurgical techniques, SC Stem Cell proudly offers its patients regenerative therapy. This groundbreaking treatment taking stem cells and injecting them directly into an injury site, such as arthritic knees, torn rotator cuff or herniated disc, to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Over time, the body begins to heal injuries at the source for lasting pain relief without surgery.

Along with regenerative therapy, SC Stem Cell uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to speed up healing. While oxygen-rich blood in the body helps heal damaged tissues, it often isn’t enough if an injury isn’t healing properly. During hyperbaric chamber therapy, patients breathe in pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber to promote faster recovery.

SC Stem Cell also has board-certified chiropractors on staff to relieve back pain, improve flexibility and mobility, and restore function to damaged tissues with massage therapy. To meet every patient’s unique needs and health goals, the practice provides Swedish, lymphatic, and deep tissue massages at their office.

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